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Name: James
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Character Name: Daniel
Series: Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Timeline: Beginning of the game.
Canon Resource Link:
Character Background: Daniel had grown up with his sickly sister, Hazel, and father. Daniel and Hazel were close, and Daniel would often read stories to Hazel when he wasn't busy helping his father. Hazel had been his main source of comfort, as Daniel was mainly bullied. His memories escape him as to if it was just his primary school bully, Henry Bedloe, or if it also included his father, who had abused him as a child in front of his sister. Daniel eventually struck down Henry with a rock, which his father punished him for.
As a child, Daniel suffered from nyctophobia, which is the fear of darkness. He was afraid that he would be trapped in darkness, and that there would be no escape. Where this fear came from is not clear, as he never states why he had been afraid of the darkness in the first place.

Before Daniel started staying in the castle, he worked as an archaeologist, and was on an expedition to Algeria. On this trip the team uncovered an ancient tomb. Daniel entered it and became trapped inside, the doorway collapsing behind him. He proceeded forward (not being able to turn back), which was when he came across the Orb, which gave off a "comforting light", which made him feel inclined to grab it.

Hours later he was rescued from the tomb and was sent back to England by the expedition's leader. Later he found out that expedition had ended in disaster. Most were badly injured, as their camp had been attacked by "something terrible."

Daniel began to look into the Orb, keeping notes on how it changed in shape and color, seeming to never be the same the next time he looked at it. It was in pieces by this point, and he was attempting to put it back together, to no avail. While looking into the origins of the Orb, he decided to go to Sir William Smith, who was a geologist, to see if he could offer an explanation. Smith told him about how many solids, like glass, eventually collapse onto itself, and that the Orb could possibly be doing just that.

Two nights after hearing about the news of his expedition team's attack, Daniel had a dream involving the Orb, showing him how to piece it back together. Upon waking he reassembled the Orb. Daniel went to his expedition leader's university in hopes of getting more information on the mysterious Orb. A fellow professor that worked there told him that the Orb was made passed off of Roman symbology. When Daniel left the university he heard news that the professor he had been speaking to was found dead.

The death of the professor, along with the injured archeologists sent Daniel into a frenzy to figure out more about the Orb, which eventually led to him receiving a letter from Alexander of Brennenburg. He invited Daniel to stay at his castle, offering him protection. This letter put Daniel into distress, which made him go and see a physician, doctor Tate, as his nightmares seemed to get worse and worse. Later he finds that Tate shared the same fate as many around him, dying due to an unknown force. This was what made Daniel aware that he was being followed, and whatever was following him was killing off the people he had been communicating with.

Fearing for his own life, as well as those that were around him, Daniel decided that accepting the baron's invitation was his best hope for survival - as well as the survival of everyone around him. With his decision made, Daniel traveled to Prussia to stay with Alexander at Castle Brennenburg.

Alexander and his servants greet Daniel warmly once he arrives, and he is given a room and information. Daniel is quickly seduced by the baron, his powerful front and kindness to him causing Daniel to believe everything that he says without question. Daniel even opened up to Alexander about the Orb, telling him all that he knew, and how he wished to get rid of the thing. Alexander told him that if he were to get rid of the Orb, "The Shadow" that was following him would kill him anyway. Daniel, interested by Alexander's information about the Orb, began to submit even more to the Baron and his words.

Over his time staying there, Alexander showed Daniel the whole castle, eventually leading him to the Inner Sanctum. This was where Alexander kept his prisoners, which would be used for various rituals, as well as to extract vitae from. While in the Inner Sanctum, Alexander showed Daniel the true power of the Orb. Alexander had been keeping the relic at bay with by making it yield its power onto him. While in the Sanctum, The Shadow appeared before them, almost killing them both, though Alexander quickly recovered the Orb, making The Shadow disappear. At this point Alexander told Daniel that the shadow would be coming to Brennenburg faster than expected, which caused Daniel to say he would do anything to stay alive - no matter what that would be.

Alexander began to teach Daniel the various extraction methods, teaching him how to harvest vitae from the prisoners - which Alexander had convinced Daniel into believing that they were sick, evil people who deserved it. Daniel was convinced that these practices would keep The Shadow at bay. Though the extraction process began to make Daniel lose his mind, having to see and participate in the horrific ritual of murder and torture day after day. After each torture Daniel would give them an Amnesia Drink, which would cause them to forget that they had ever been tortured.

More and more people began to come in through the doors of Castle Brennenburg, kidnapped, but that information being ignored or unnoticed by Daniel. After time it became clear that the blood wards were not keeping The Shadow away, which caused Daniel to become more deranged and more desperate. He began to become more jaded to the suffering and deaths of the "criminals," convincing himself that he was making the world a better place by participating in these rituals.

Daniel's blind faith in Alexander was shaken when Alexander kidnapped a family that owned a dairy farm, Alexander killing off the father, but leaving the mother and child behind. The mother obtained a hammer and chisel and helped her daughter escape. Daniel found out, and the mother was killed. The daughter was later found by Daniel. He feared that the girl would get out and tell the king's men before he could complete the banishing ritual - which was meant to forever rid him of The Shadow. He found the girl and killed her without remorse in the Storage Room. The sight of the small girl dead shook his mental state, he realized that the girl didn't deserve to die, which he begged for forgiveness, filled with self-loathing and hatred.

Daniel, already crazy but slowly progressing into the realms of insanity, he realized what he had done, what he was doing, and what had become of him. Alexander had locked himself in the Inner Sanctum, attempting to transport himself to a different world, one that he found to be his "true home." Daniel was now aware of Alexander's insanity, and how they had killed innocents all along. He knew that this banishing ritual was a lie, and being abandoned by Alexander, Daniel flew into a rage.

Taking the Amnesia Drink himself, Daniel lost his memories, leaving him to wander the castle. Upon finding the note from Past!Daniel, he was instructed to find Alexander, and kill him. This is where he is left at now.
Abilities/Special Powers: He doesn't have any special abilities.
Third-Person Sample: Daniel gasped deeply, coughing into his shoulder as he looked around into the dark. Darkness. His hands shot out beside him, groping at the ground in an attempt to find the lantern he had just found moments earlier - or so he remembered. A few moments earlier he had also been standing on his own two feet, reading over a letter than notified him that he had self-induced amnesia. The longer he searched, the faster his breathing became, heart thumping violently against his ribs, vision swimming all around him. He didn't feel so good, and it was becoming more and more apparent that he wasn't going to find his lantern, no matter how desperately he searched.

Pulling himself to his feet, nearly stumbling over at his distorted vision, he moved slowly through the darkness, keeping his feet as firmly on the ground as he possibly could. Though the many discarded objects that seemed to be all around him certainly made his journey through this room all the more difficult. He patted the walls, his mind moving slowly, his breathing quickening. He felt his knees give out beneath him, his body collapsing to the floor. His hand glided across the floor, eyes darting around nervously. He was so bloody afraid. If there was one thing he certainly couldn't handle, it was the dark. Finally the reassuring crack in the floor that assured him a door was nearby. He could escape this place.

It was a struggle to get him away from the floor, hand pawing around the door for a bit before finally finding it's handle. He took a deep breath, both relieved that he had found the door, and worried about what might be behind it. Either way, he opened it, eyes squinting at the light that surrounded him. He felt his heart beat begin to normal, his breathing slowing down. He wasn't stuck in darkness, there was light all about him. Stepping onto the stairs, giving a quick glance to the second door, he hurried down them, moving quickly towards the light. As long as there was light about, he at least didn't have to worry about where his lantern was at.
First-Person Sample:

[The camera clicks on with a very confused man staring right at it. His hair is disheveled, and eyebrows pulled towards each other, causing two very deep wrinkles to pull into his forehead.]

What is this thing? It's no sort of invention I have ever seen...

[He turns it over in his hand, letting the viewer look at the floor for some time.]

It lights up on its own, but doesn't seem to be any sort of torch of any sort...and on the front there are words, perhaps some sort of type writer?

[The camera shakes as he pressing in some of the buttons, face seeming more confused as no paper in produced from the contraption.]

How very odd... I will have to keep this for later investigation. Perhaps I can find someone...anyone who could tell me what exactly this thing is supposed to be used for. As for now--

[A loud static noise comes out through the device as it's tucked into his front pocket, the screen going completely black, before it is accidentally shut off.]


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